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A member of our Purchasing Team will review your wines and will be in touch as soon as possible with a confirmed offer and to understand a bit more about:

  • Where is the wine currently stored?
  • What condition is the wine in?
  • How quickly you are looking to sell your wine?
  • Which offer are you interested in - Cash Offer or Broking Offer?

Useful Information

The following resources should answer most questions you may have regarding your wine quotation, otherwise please feel free to ask when we get in touch.

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  • Differences between Cash Offer and Broking Offer. View More
  • Selling Wine Process. View More
  • Stock Inspection Guidelines. View More
  • What wines do we and don’t we buy? View More

Note: Due high volume of requests in busy periods we may not always be able to buy your wine, and our offers are subject to final confirmation from our Purchasing Team. Our online offers are not a binding commitment to purchase your wines, nor are you under any obligation to sell your wines to us.


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