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Selling Wine Online - Service and Process

Our Service: Selling Wine Online

Whether you wish to buy or sell wine, at JF Tobias we strive to understand all of our client’s needs and requirements. It is only through our doing this, and genuinely empathizing with each of our clients, that we can provide the best possible service and experience.

As trusted experts in buying and selling fine wine, there are a few things we will always do. We will always provide impartial and honest advice, transparent and competitive pricing, and the fastest payment and turnaround times in the market today. And whether you choose to buy or sell wine with JF Tobias or not, we will always provide honest and impartial advice.

If you do wish to sell wine online, or simply understand the value of your wine collection or portfolio, our online Quotation Tool means you can receive an instant valuation and complimentary indication of what we could offer you for your wines.

We believe our clients should have access to accurate valuations, rather than guesswork based on inaccurate data. This service is completely free-of-charge, and you are under absolutely no obligation to sell to us. This is all part of our belief in fair and transparent valuations and pricing.

Each of our clients has a different reason for wanting to sell wine. Whether you wish to sell wine to release an investment, make space in your cellar, or simply free up some money, our expert team can help.



Our Process: Selling Wine Online

As the only provider of wine valuations and quotations entirely online, our clients can quickly and easily understand the value of their wine in minutes. We provide a seamless, transparent, and trusted service if you wish to sell wine, unmatched by any other broker or merchant.

If you do wish to sell wine, we have made the process as simple as it should be. Once you have used the Quotation Tool to receive a valuation and quotation, and have agreed to accept a confirmed offer, our process follows three easy steps.

1.  Logistical Transportation 

If your stock is duty paid, we will arrange the collection of your wine into our bonded warehouse, wherever it may be in the United Kingdom.

If your stock is stored in a bonded warehouse, we will guide you through the process of releasing your wines, and will then arrange collection or transfer to our bonded warehouse.

2.  Stock Deposit and Condition Checks 

Once the wine has been delivered or transferred to LCB Vinothèque, it will be registered into our account. As soon as it is registered, we will request a condition report for each of the wines.

Once these have been received, and the wine’s condition confirmed, we will either process your payment if it is a cash offer, or, if it is a broking offer, begin to offer your wines out to our network of international clients.

3.  Payment 

With a cash offer, as soon as the wine arrives in our account and we receive confirmation that the stock is in good condition, we will pay you the next working day.

With a broking offer, we will pay you within 28 working days after receiving funds from the buyer.


Our Timeline: Selling Wine Online

In the name of transparency, we believe it is necessary to be completely open with the timeframes you can expect if you sell wine with JF Tobias. We will always endeavor to keep to these.

Note: Please be aware that currently, the UK government bonded warehouse system is under acute pressure, and is operating at high levels of capacity. This is affecting the normal timeframes within we endeavour to operate. For a complete up to date report, please contact logistics@jftwines.com. Thank you for your understanding.


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