Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

The following list answers the most commonly asked questions relating to:

  • How to buy wine
  • How to sell wine
  • How to value wine
  1. Can I rely on JF Tobias’ online wine valuation tool?
    Yes. Our online wine valuation tool is an automated engine allowing wine owners to value their wines simply and efficiently. Our tool gives an instant wine valuation based on the current UK market prices. The tool scours the market daily, comparing UK wine merchant prices to provide the most accurate valuation available.
  2. How does the JF Tobias’ wine valuation process work?
    1. You can submit an enquiry via the website at any time.
    2. When you submit an enquiry, our tool will immediately generate the wine prices for you. If you are happy with the price, you can opt to sell the wines to us.
    3. We will then issue a confirmation at which point the contract shall come into existence.
    4. If we fail to issue a confirmation the wine prices shall cease to be valid.
  3.  How representative are JF Tobias’ wine prices of the global fine wine market?
    Our offered wine prices are calculated by evaluating the current market prices and other reputable UK wine merchants’ offers. We always keep tracking the prices to make sure we offer you the real value for your wine.
  4. How long will you keep my offer for?
    Our quotation is valid for 14 days.
  5. How long will the whole process take?
    After receiving the wines to our UK Bonded Warehouse, London City Bond Vinotheque, the process of booking in and condition checking the wine usually takes 7 – 10 days.
    Cash Offer:

    1. You enter your wines into our Wine Valuation Tool.
    2. We will then issue a confirmation, usually within 48hrs.
    3. We arrange the collection of the wines and deliver it to LCB Vinotheque.
    4. LCB Vinotheque creates condition reports and we check all the wines.
    5. After satisfactory condition report, we will transfer the agreed sum to your account within 5 days.


    1. – 5. Until this point, the process is the same as the cash offer, please see above.
    2. After satisfactory condition report the stock is added to our online wine list.
    3. Once the wine has been purchased by our client we will transfer the agreed sum into your account within 28 days.
  6.  How does delivery work?
    Sell Wine (When you sell to JF Tobias): Unless we have otherwise agreed, we would arrange the collection and deliver the wines to our warehouse.
    If you would like to deliver the wines by instalments, please contact us to confirm this is okay. If you do deliver the wines in instalments, we reserve the right to pay for each instalment separately.
    Buy Wine (When you buy from JF Tobias): We arrange deliveries within UK and internationally by a third party carrier. For more information about deliveries please contact us.
  7. What if my wine isn’t in a UK bonded warehouse?
    We are most interested in wine stored at a secure government bonded warehouse. However, at some occasions, we might accept wines stored elsewhere. Please, feel free to contact us for further information. We are happy to help.
  8. When do I pay?
    Our current policy is that you pay on receipt of the invoice or within 14 days. We release wines upon payment.
  9. When do I get paid?
    Cash: On receipt of a satisfactory condition report.
    Broking: Once the wines have been purchased by a client, within 21 days of their purchase.
  10. Can I store my wines with you?
    We are sorry to inform you, we currently don’t offer wine storage service unless you offer your wine for broking. If you would like us to broker your wine there is no storage fee.
  11. What is the difference between Cash and Broking offer?
    If you decide to use our online wine valuation and sell wine, we offer you two options:
    Cash Offer vs Broking Offer.
    Price: You would achieve approx. 5% more for broking than for a cash offer.
    Time: Your payment would be a little slower with broking. Upon sale we would pay within 28 days or sooner if we receive payment sooner. With a cash offer you would be paid upon receipt of a satisfactory condition report. The realistic turnaround for each is:
    Cash offer: 7 – 10 days
    Broking: 28 days or less
    Ownership: With a cash offer we would assume the title. With a broking offer, the title would pass to one of our clients upon sale so we would never have ownership of the wines.
  12. What kind of wines are you interested in?
    We are mostly interested in wines from the following countries/regions:

    • Bordeaux, France
    • Burgundy, France
    • Rhone, France
    • Champagne, France
    • Tuscan, Italy
    • Napa’s Valley, USA
  13.  I can’t find the vintage available. Am I doing something wrong?
    No, you aren’t. Our system has a limitation because there is not enough amount of wine available on the market for older vintages than 1982, hence we have to make the valuation manually. Please, feel free to contact us and one of our team members will be happy to help.
  14. What is your minimum purchase quantity?
    One full case. Currently, we can’t accept mixed cases.
  15. I prefer to talk on the phone, can I still use your service?
    Yes, of course, you are more than welcome to contact us anytime during opening hours. (Monday – Friday from 9 am to 5 pm)
  16. What paperwork do you need?
    We may need to see either a stock report from your bonded warehouse or an original purchase invoice. We take provenance very serious so require proof of ownership.
  17. Can I choose how I receive payment?
    Yes, you can.  However, we usually transfer the agreed sum through bank transfer, unless preferred otherwise.
  18. Can I value my wine and choose not to sell it? 
    Yes of course: using our online wine valuation tool doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to sell your wine to us.  It is designed to be a free resource, therefore if you just want to check the value of your wine please go ahead. There is no obligation or commitment until the agreement has been settled.
  19. Can we meet to discuss my wine before I decide to sell it?
    Yes. Upon request, we can arrange a meeting with you.
  20. Common wine terms:
    • LCB Vinotheque: London City Bond Vinotheque warehouse
    • IB – In Bond: The wines are stored at a bonded warehouse under In Bond status
    • DP – Duty Paid: The duty has already been paid for the wines.
    • OWC – Original Wooden Case
    • OCC – Original Cardboard Case
    • Case – 12 bottles
    • Half case – 6 bottles
    • Bottle – 75cl
    • Magnum – 150cl