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Fine Wine Market Report: December 2019 Market Decode

The JF Tobias December Market Decode has been released, containing all the latest JF Tobias insight and analysis on fine wine market performance. It remains the best independent analysis, and helps our clients to stay up to date with what is happening in the fine wine market, and understand fine wine market performance.

  • 9% decrease in people looking to sell fine wine, against last month
  • Enquiries to sell totalling: £2,152,704 submitted to JF Tobias in the past month
  • HK sale share increases by 19%, UK decreases by 20%
  • Tory majority sees Sterling rally, and retrace post-election gains

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December Market Decode


Sterling rallies, but not for long

After a tumultuous year, it seems rather fitting that the year’s final month should revolve around volatility. It is not news that a general election stimulates the currency market, but many people will have predicted quite how elastic the rally and retracement would in fact turn out to be. The election result saw Sterling push through a longstanding resistance line for the first time in over 6 months, driven by an optimistic market looking to throw weight behind renewed political certainty.
The size of the move was considerable and had all the hallmarks of a significant market move. Unfortunately for those who had cut short positions swept up in the speed of the move, this breakout was extremely short-lived. The days following the result saw a swift and total retracement, with Sterling only managing to stay marginally higher than its position at the start of the month.
This is good news for the UK fine wine market, and for prices within it. Many feared a Tory majority would send Sterling rallying, sending prices falling. Instead, fears of a harder Brexit have tempered this rally, while also providing some much needed certainty to the market.

Beijing cuts tariffs as trade deal edges closer

For those looking for a reduction in trade tensions, the fine wine market one of them, Beijing’s announcement that it is lowering tariffs on more than 850 imports will have been greeted gleefully. After more than 18 months of watching tariffs increase, as the US and China traded blows, their lowering is encouraging. This further bolsters hopes that presidents Trump and Xi will finally sign their Phase One trade deal soon, and perhaps as early as next month.


Access the Full Report:

December Market Decode


At JF Tobias, we pride ourselves on being the best independent port of call in the fine wine market. If you have any questions about the market report, or would like to talk to someone regarding it, please contact us, and a member of the team will be delighted to assist.

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