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Fine Wine Market Report: April 2020 Market Decode

The JF Tobias April Market Decode has been released, containing all the latest JF Tobias insight and analysis on fine wine market performance. It remains the best independent analysis, and helps our clients to stay up to date with what is happening in the fine wine market, and understand fine wine market performance.

  • 16% increase in people looking to sell fine wine, against last month
  • Enquiries to sell totalling: £2,424,678 submitted to JF Tobias in the past month
  • UK sale share increases by 6%, HK increases by 14%

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April Market Decode


Will the macro-economic factors influencing the market before Covid-19 affect a road to recovery?

For the last nine months, a string of macro- economic issues has placed the market under siege. At JF Tobias, we forecast downwards pressure and watched a steady race to the bottom prove this correct.

As a recession looks certain in the wake of Covid-19, what of the other issues affecting the market before the pandemic?


As prices begin to plateau, have we reached the bottom?

With the Eastern market starting down the road back to some semblance of normality, global trade volumes are slowly increasing and the rate of decline in prices appears to be reaching a plateau. Could this be the long-awaited bottom?

Perhaps we may be forgiven if this combination prompted us to begin to speculate as to what a market recovery could look like. With this in mind, we would like to tentatively discuss two major themes, market corrections and “the bounce”.


Access the Full Report:

April Market Decode


At JF Tobias, we pride ourselves on being the best independent port of call in the fine wine market. If you have any questions about the market report, or would like to talk to someone regarding it, please contact us, and a member of the team will be delighted to assist.

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