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We are really excited to share with you our ultimate guide to this years campaign. This year we have gone above and beyond to create a genuinely new type of guide. With the help of a new strategic partner, we guarantee this guide will offer you a chance to understand the vintage like never before. We hope you enjoy!

  • We take a look at the successes of last year’s campaign and assess its potential impact on this year’s pricing and release philosophy.

  • Our partnership with a geospatial data company allows you to understand the impact of regional microclimates better than ever before.

  • We have identified and estimated price points and critic score thresholds we expect to see given to our investable Bordeaux releases.

  • We have used data to analyse and suggest possible price points for your favourite cellar picks.

  • We highlight those value picks that are perfect those that love to brag about how little this wine really cost!

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