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Who Are We?

JF Tobias is a London-based fine wine merchant looking to change the investment sphere.

“We are striving to modernise outdated investment practices used within our industry. After years of experience assisting clients that have been mis-sold inappropriate wine investments, we have decided to address the issue at source. By using technology to increase transparency and by tying ourselves intrinsically to our client’s goals, we offer a product that genuinely changes wine investment for the better. Wine investment should be treated with the

same due care and attention as any other capital allocation and we believe our proposition helps our clients to do so. Our performance through a tumultuous year reinforces our philosophy and approach, with our mean portfolio performance throughout the last year outperforming the Liv Ex Fine Wine Investables Index by a factor of 5.8.”

– Jake Leighton, Head of Investment

What Makes Us Different?

After reviewing the current investment offerings in the UK, we have identified some key issues to be tackled. Excessive fees on entry or in management, the allocation of inappropriate stock, impersonal portfolio construction and the lack of a clear exit strategy. Our offering addresses and rectifies these issues.

Low Prices

We are the only investment offering that guarantees all investment purchases are made at, or beneath the lowest UK market price, ensuring our clients the best entry point.

No Hidden Costs

Unlike most investment offerings, we do not add acquisition fees, or unnecessary management fees. Our key skill is in our ability to source the right wines undermarket allowing us to put clients in at the best possible price. 

Exit Security

We are the only company to commit to your exit. Any wines bought by us on our client’s behalf, we guarantee to repurchase from the investor when the time comes to exit.

Tailored Approach

Every client will be assessed through our KYC process to ensure we understand each individual’s goals, timelines and risk tolerances. Our investors portfolios are designed around their needs, not simply by what stock is available.

Portfolio Management

You will have access to our proprietary portfolio management tool. A tool where you can view current prices, analyse and review 1,000’s of wines and crucially verify our price versus the open market.


All investment picks undergo a rigorous stock selection process, analysing 15 key metrics and vectors. Each wine is assigned a risk profile and timeline to allow for accurate matching with client goals.

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Why Invest With JF Tobias?

Investing with JF Tobias can add to your financial portfolio a defensive, diversifying asset class that will provide you with consistent returns over the long term. Thanks to our experience and infrastructure we have the team in place to help you invest safely and successfully.

  • JF Tobias operates investor storage through a sister company Vault Reserves based within London City Bonds Vinotheque branch.

  • This in house team allows us to ringfence assets safely while also ensuring each wine is condition reported and provenance verified by our own staff.

  • All stock is easily accessible and actionable should an investor need to move stock or indeed wish to consume their holdings. 

  • We match the lowest rates for storage and provide our own bespoke insurance allowing investors to benefit from our economies of scale.
  • Our free portfolio tool allows investors to track the price performance of multiple collections in granular detail.

  • Investors can review portfolio compositions and exposure to specific regions. They will also benefit from our data library when searching possible further additions.

  • We are the only company to provide a moving average and true price line. Allowing investors to see past short term volatility and verify that we are indeed placing you in at the best price possible.

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Why Wine Investment?

Over the past 5 years wine investment has fundamentally changed and matured as a market. With the rise of price transparency, investors can no longer buy indiscriminately and enjoy quick double figure returns from a rising tide raising all ships. Buying must now be strategic and accurate accounting for new market dynamics. We believe – if done correctly – there is absolutely a place for wine within any investor’s portfolio. 

Hedge against volatility

As a globally traded physical asset within the luxury tier, wine remains a fantastic hedge against both currency volatility and inflation.

Sharpe Ratio benefits

Fine wine lacks in correlation to central markets and can subsequently add Sharpe ratio benefits to a portfolio as a defensive asset.

Lowered risk through specific market targeting

We believe that through the selective acquisition of truly exceptional stock we can target the most financially insulated buyers in the world, ensuring a lowered risk level through consistent demand even in tumultuous economic moments.

Long-term value

By tapping into both the intrinsic market driver of shrinking supply and demand and the beneficial tax status associated with bonded wines. Investors will be holding a physical asset whose value is underpin over the long term.

If you wish to learn more about the wine investment market and our proposition please download our free investment guide. Equally should you wish to speak to one of our investment team please leave your details below and someone will get in touch with you.

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