Our Mission

Our vision is to democratise wine for all; and improve enjoyment and participation in the world of wine

About Us

Being completely focused and committed to our client's needs and requirements is at our very core, and comes from a strong belief that everyone should have the opportunity to participate in the enjoyment of wine.

This idea has developed into a greater purpose; identify frustrations and problems and see how we can solve them, so that wine can be made more accessible and enjoyable for all. We believe that by taking this approach we will be able to enhance our clients experience with wine. This is our ultimate goal and it is what we strive to achieve every day.

Our first solution came after recognising that there was a significant problem with unreliable, inconsistent and inaccessible pricing in the wine market. After a year of initial development and testing, our first iteration of the wine valuation tool was launched.

Since then, we have been constantly collaborating with our clients to refine and further develop this tool; becoming the best-in-class solution for access to accurate market values, which ultimately empowers all with the means to make informed decisions when buying and selling wine.

With further projects in the pipeline, this is just the tip of the iceberg of what we’re aiming to achieve.

JF Tobias are the future of the wine market...[they] have revolutionised the wine market for the digital world. Customer interfaces have become key to every industry around the world (think Uber, Facebook, Netflix) and JF Tobias have made enormous strides in the wine market. — Mr Parkin

Our Values

Our values represent the company’s core beliefs and key principles, that we will stick to no matter what. It is essential that our core values are present in all of our current and prospective employees, and are reflected upon in everything we do.

  • Be Empathetic

    Understanding a problem is the first step to achieving a solution
  • Challenge Everything

    Be innovative and assume it's wrong, until it's proven right
  • Be Bold

    Think BIG, fail successfully and learn from your mistakes
  • Always Improve

    Push the boundaries, especially your own
  • Collaborate

    Working together we can achieve our goals
  • Empower

    Your colleagues, clients and your community

Our Team

We are powered by our people and they are the ones who constantly strive to
enhance our clients experience and enjoyment of wine.


We are always keen to hear from talented individuals who wish to join our team. It is essential that our core values are present in all of our current and prospective employees, so if these key values describe you, then we look forward to receiving your CV. Please, send your CV to info@jftwines.com.

Current Vacancies:

Sales Role.
Based in the vibrant start-up hub of Old Street, London, JF Tobias is a wine merchant with big ambitions to re-think how fine wine consumers are served. Having seen more than 100% growth in the past year, we are searching for a full-time, dynamic & driven sales executive to propel us to the next level.
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Our Partners

We are proud to work closely with the following companies and organisations. They help us to achieve our goals and we value the relationships we have with them.